Our Team

The core of our Team is composed of 3 founding members that have been working for a few years now on composing Battlecorp as you will discover it: its rules, its universe, its magic!

Each members have very different and complementary profiles that allow us to be prepared for everything that is to come. We also had the chance of being supported by a mentor, M. Bonnafé, professional of the video games domain.

We are legacy players of Battlecorp Origine and really wanted to make a stand for this game that brought so much to its Community that we had to take action and bring it back to life.

Let us introduce you to the Bad Marines Studio core team!

SEbastien a.k.a Cronos


Financial Management Controller with over 20 years of experience in Business and Information systems management, he has a degree in Management and Economy. Have worked as operating manager in many projects in the commercial aviation area, he is the Team Lead and President of our studio.

SEbastien a.k.a Sebus

Senior lead in 3D animation on multiple platforms with 13 years of experience, he has a degree in Video and Digital Arts Design. After working and leading many famous projects from music clips for Coldplay or video games like Call of Duty, he is the Artistic Director of the Team.


Julien a.k.a Ouato


Software Architect on very various domains with 15 years of experience, he has a degree in Smart Software Systems. With a range of experiences from mobile applications, to web platforms and embedded systems in space and aeronautics sector, he is the Technical Director of the Team.