Project Battlecorp (EN)

The game

BATTLECORP is an online multi-player military strategy and diplomacy game, turn by turn, and at the same time an economy management game based on the Polygon Blockchain. The players embody mighty companies named “Corporations”, immersed in a futuristic hyper capitalist universe with tastes of cyberpunk inspired space conquest.

The game thus has two very different aspects:

  • A military verse named Wargame played between 2 to 7 players on a Map: the player with the strongest military strategy, the most diplomat, or the most popular to the population will win the victory and earn rewards (NFT, ressources…)
  • A economic verse named Administration to manage your Corporation: to make the most our of your gains, NFTs and ressources, with the possibility to make your assets evolve, and access a market between players to buy and sell, even outside of the game thanks to web3 technology.

Web3 and blockchain

The choice of Blockchain technologies has been made for many diffferent reasons, some of them including pure innovation prism. But mainly really, it is firstly a wish to bring to the players a deeper understanding of web3 and decentralized finance by gamification of its principles, secondly to give real value to the assets that the players will acquire in the game and possibly sell the fruits of their efforts. Until today, this choice has allowed us a creative freedom in the creation of our economy, fully adapted to the universe! Ultimately, the BATTLECORP universe was meant to be built with tokens and NFTs, that you will very soon discover through the game mechanics and gameplay!

Future additions to the game

After the Wargame, the game will be composed of a solo adventure mode that will keep the basics of the game but revolve around missions with a background history of the game, where you will for example get to meet and fight with famous characters of the BATTLECORP Legacy to win exclusive content.

In time, in addition to the Administration of your Corporations, we will give access to the creation of Consortiums allowing players to be grouped under the same flags, opening new opportunities of both gameplay and role play.

Way to go!

All these elements will be described for you in a lot more details in the pages of this site in the coming months, with associated milestones calendar.

In the end we hope to benefit mutually from a very strong Community, both economically but also with players that will bring us the greatest feedback that eventually grants us the possibility to always keep improving the game in the best possible ways.

The BMS Team,
Bad Marines Studio

See you soon on